We support the following missionaries through prayer, short-term trips and financial gifts appropriated within our annual Ministry Plan.

The Yates Family
Ryan & Melissa are serving in Eleuthera, Bahamas and working at Windermere High School. Their goal is to share the true Gospel with the Bahamian people, serve the Bahamian church, and fellow Christ followers. Learn more.

Jennie Parks
Jennie Parks joined the Eleuthera, Bahamas Windermere team in 2013. She helps with the day-to-day needs of students and ongoing maintenance the school requires. Learn more.

The Ark Project
The Ark Project was founded in 2001 for the purpose of training and equipping pastors to lead the growing church in China. They offer a two-year program through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; an average of about 150 pastors a year are prepared for ministry at graduation. The need for this type of training is immense in China, as some home church pastors without formal training are leading up to 2,000 people. Learn more.