Why are we called Blue?

In 2007, our student ministry attended a camp near Austin, Texas. At this camp, every youth group was assigned a color, and ours was…blue. It was a summer we will never forget! We saw God move in mighty ways. Our students were excited about worship, thrilled to be with one another, and even pumped about Rec (Rec is the all-out, crazy games and get messy part of camp, which previously wasn’t a favorite). But, that year changed everything! Students were united, transformed, and renewed unlike anything we had witnessed before. We even won the Spirit Stick! We felt God’s presence, His comfort, His strength…as Blue. It was a feeling that we didn’t want to part with, so we decided to bring Blue back home with us. Thus, the name Blue was born and the principles behind it are integral part of our ministry.

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We connect with students through our Blue Worship and small groups, designed with students in mind. Our worship features current music led by a student band, a video of the day, and a Bible message from our Student Minister. Students often share their testimony and witness baptisms.

Small groups are a vital part of our ministry, and include Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible studies. Students are grouped by grade and gender. Small group studies are where students connect with leaders, other students, and the Lord. Every student is guided to a small group that fits their needs to ensure a sense of belonging.

Students grow in their faith through small groups, worship, mission trips, serving, camps and special events. Our leaders focus on each student’s spiritual journey through serious Bible study and application. We challenge and inspire our students to spend one-on-one time with the Lord on a regular basis, and equip them to maintain their Christian walk on their own as they mature.

We provide a variety of opportunities for students to serve other students, or volunteer in other ministries at our church. Students can be greeters, audio/video techs, worship associates, camp counselors—there are lots of choices. Students can also gain valuable other-centered experience through local and foreign mission trips during the summer.

We want our students to walk in daily obedience and make their life an offering to Him. Through true friendship, spiritual growth, and service, our students are encouraged to exemplify an authentic Christ-like life.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus has eternally existed as the Son of God. As part of the narrative story of God’s redemption, Jesus became human. In other words, God became one of us. The church describes this as the incarnation. The redemption narrative, which we call the Bible, continues as Jesus not only becomes human, but is born to a virgin and lives a sinless, perfect life on Earth, allowing Him to make right everything that has been done wrong in Adam. Jesus chose to die on a cross as a sacrifice for the penalty that should have been ours, and His resurrection three days later made new life possible for us in this life and the next. What Jesus did during His time on earth and the character of His being provide a consistent reminder of what we should be about in our own lives.

How do I begin a relationship with Jesus and receive this new life?
By confessing your sin to God, putting your trust in Jesus and what His death and resurrection made possible for you, and surrendering your life to God’s purposes, you can begin a personal relationship with Jesus. We believe that when we begin that relationship, the Spirit of God enters our being—we call it the Holy Spirit—and that Spirit not only becomes our guide, but continues the process that began at our point of surrender—moving us from a life of sin to a life where we resemble the person of Jesus Christ.

About God
We believe that God has eternally existed. God Himself shows us His desire for relationships by being relational in Himself. He has continually revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each part of what we know as the Trinity has distinct personal attributes, but these do not divide the nature or essence of God’s being. Humans are “created in God’s image,” which shows that God is in Himself relational and that He created man to be in relationship with Himself.

Important Symbols
In our worship, there are two recurring symbols: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. In Scripture, baptism followed the decision of a person to surrender one’s self to God for salvation in Jesus Christ. In the Lord’s Supper, we remember and celebrate the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, through which we have the forgiveness of our sins. Both of these are important symbols that refocus us on the center of our lives: Jesus.