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You want to be the best parent you can, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start…Begin by treating your kids the way God treats His kids, with grace! Come learn how to build grace-based relationships at the Grace Based Parenting Conference. You will learn how to build the skills and confidence in your child that they need to succeed in today’s world without compromising their faith. Author and speaker, Dr. Tim Kimmel will teach you how to set your family free and bring the best out of all of people in your home at this important conference. Don’t miss this life-changing event; you will be empowered with principles that really work, no matter what age or stage your family is in.

This conference is for parents, grandparents, married couples and anyone who has an influence in the life of a child. The conference itself is fun and fast-paced. Topics covered include (but not limited to):
• What it takes to raise kids in the midst of busy lives
• Practical ways to take the fear out and put the fun back into parenting
• Preparing your child’s heart to receive God’s plan
• Turning heartache to hope with your rebellious child
• How to bring out the best in your strong-willed child

About Your Speaker
Dr. Tim Kimmel is the founder and Executive Director of Family Matters, whose goal is to see families transformed by God’s grace into instruments of reformation and restoration. Tim loves it when churches and families are healthy and strong. He loves it even more when they work as a team. He believes the best way to pass on saving faith and a transformed life is within the nurturing confines of a loving home. To help others achieve this, he has developed resources, conferences, and media tools to equip and encourage parents, grandparents, churches, and couples.

Tim and Family Matters conduct marriage and parenting conferences across the country and the world on the unique pressures that confront members of today’s families. With his dry wit and engaging humor, Tim is also a popular guest on many nationally syndicated radio and TV programs. In addition to speaking, Tim has authored many books including: Grace Based Parenting, Connecting Church and Home and most recently, Grace Filled Marriage. Tim hosts the Family Matters Minute, a daily one-minute radio spot, where he encourages and equips parents to bring the best out of their families.

Through his books, resources, website, blog and radio and TV appearances, Dr. Tim Kimmel has the privilege of impacting millions of homes every year with the life-changing message of God’s grace and hope.Click here for more about Dr. Tim Kimmel and Family Matters Ministry.